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Do You Know Japanese?

16/10/07 |

Tuesday morning and we were out with Dave. We did some second ball work while the pros did some testing. Some of the YT’s: Mike, Nathan and Danny were training with the pros so had to do the testing as well. Me and Tommo thought we had got away with it until Jamie and Dean came round with the rest of the YT’s so unfortunately we had to do it. The testing was 7 × 50 with turns at every 50m. The turns are what kill you because as soon as you get momentum you have to turn and you lose it all. I did it in about 66 seconds, which was a massive improvement from the time I got in pre-season!

We did a circuit in the afternoon, which was really hard work. I well and truly had a sweat on after that! It was back to the digs after jobs were done and I spent the rest of the night on Halo 3 on the Xbox live with Kee. Fighting against people from all over, including a couple of Japanese blokes who tried talking to us. Obviously we had no idea what they were saying!