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Toby Davis - Umea FC

Defeated by League Leaders

13/10/08 |

We trained at the School as usual this week. On Monday we worked on long warm ups with the ball, keeping the ball in the air, then we moved onto some passing drills. We followed that with dribble track to warm up then some shooting on Tuesday.

At evening training we did 8 v 2 possession in small area for warm up, 2 v 2 games and shooting, and on Tuesday we played a big game. Mid-week I went to Gammlia with Jesper and Bjorn (the coach from the Dragon school) to do some shooting.

Thursday morning we did some press-up circuits in the morning and shape work and phase of play training in the evening.

Friday – the day before our match – I took it real easy, played some head tennis followed by possession work.

Match day – Umea FC v Syriac FC

Toby Davis (centre)

We were set to play the league leaders on Saturday, it was a big match and we did ok but were against a better side to be honest. We made it hard for them to play their normal game but they got the result they needed in the end with an 82nd minute winner. We lost the game 1 – 0 and Syriac are now league champions.

I went out with the team in the evening and just chilled out all day on Sunday. Went to Markus’ with some of the lads to watch Man City and Liverpool.