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Jack Cudworth - Preston North End Fc

Day 9 - Adrenaline Junkie

12/07/07 |

The final day of what’s been an enjoyable week was the best by far. We only took part in one activity but it was amazing. We went gorge jumping. This involved making our way down an ice cold river at the bottom of a gorge. We had to jumped from various ledges into plunge pools, slide down steams and swim down parts of the river. It really was amazing, I’d recommend it to anyone!

There were two superb tasks right at the end. The first was to get on a zip wire attached to a tree and then drop from about 25 feet into a massive plunge pool. That was good but the next bit was even better. We jumped from a 45 foot cliff into a massive plunge pool. It was one of the best moments of my life. The adrenaline rush was unreal. It was a great way to end what was a really good trip.