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Day 8 - Mission Impossible

11/07/07 |

On the penultimate day we went to do some rock climbing. I’m absolutely terrified of heights so I wasn’t particularly looking forward to this. I turned out to be half decent at it though. We were hooked up to each other and climbed up the side of this, massive… well erm…. Rock. It was really good but terrifying.

In the afternoon we had a go at orienteering. It was really hard work! Me and Conchie teamed up again and were joined by Quirky. We only found 1 of the 15 or so targets we were supposed to find as part of the activity but we still came second as nearly all the other teams didn’t return on time. We got a telling off for this and were made to go on a run. This consisted of running up a nearly vertical hill, which was horrible and that much hard work that I nearly collapsed on the way back down it.

After the run Geoff, Dean and Jamie took us into the local village for a fish and chip supper. This was followed by a session of crabbing nearby. It was great fun but I was hopeless, I didn’t catch one crab. At least the doc will be pleased! Only joking!