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Day - 7 - Row Row Row your boat!

10/07/07 |

We were all up and ready for action at 9am sharp and we were introduced to our instructor for the week, Rich. He was a proper surfer dude with long blonde dreadlocks but a really nice guy aswell.

Our first challenge was raft building. I’d done this before so I fancied my chances. I couldn’t of been more wrong. After an hour of hard work from myself, Nathan Fairhurst, Ciaron Barton, Chris Rodgers and a lot of moaning from Dom Collins we assembled what we thought was a pretty decent raft. However the other team had built an absolute monster of a raft. Even before we got to the water ours was falling to pieces, the other team however were coasting along on the QE2 . Unbelievably we improvised somewhat and dragged what remained of our raft over the finishing line to claim an unlikely victory.

After dinner we set off on a mountain biking course. I ride my bike around quite a bit when I’m at home so I was looking forward to this. Everything was going smoothly until we got to this mammoth downhill section. I went speeding off down the hill and came flying off. It was like a scene out of the Tour de France! I cut all my hand and all my arm, it was a right stinger. The lads wasted no opportunity to take the mick for the rest of the night and to add insult to injury Conchie and I also lost our crown as quiz champions thanks to some debatable marking.