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Day 46 – Great View

28/08/07 |

Tuesday was an early start for Tommo and me as we were out at 9 with Dave. I did ok but was a bit sloppy with my hands at times dropping a few shots that I would normally hold on to. After the session I went in nets while some the pros did some finishing. Some of their finishes were different class. Especially Neil Mellor, who consistently hits the bottom and top corners. I did well though and made some very good saves at times. I got one right in the mush from Brett Ormerod! Good save but a sore face afterwards!

The reserves played at night so we were on duty there. Conchie and me got the best job standing on the ladder over where the new stand is about to be built. I was reluctant at first but the view was great from where we stood. The reserves beat Accrington Stanley 4-2 in what was quite an entertaining match. After this Nathan gave me a lift home as we had a day off on Wednesday.