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Day 40 – Watch Him Squirm!

20/08/07 |

Monday morning and an 8-o-clock start (great!) On Mondays we have a set routine pretty much. Weights, training, pilaties, jobs then back to digs. We did weights from about half 8 till half 9, they were very heavy so it was quite tough. After weights we finished off our jobs then it was out on the field for some footie. Monday is a good day because all we do is play matches. Today we played some 7-a-side games and as usual it was very competitive.

After training it was straight in for pilaties. Once again a few of the lads groaned their way through the session, particularly Dom. Watching him squirm is absolutely hilarious! By the time we had everything done for the day it was about 4-o-clock. I thought it was pointless going back to the digs when I was coaching at half 5, so I stayed at the training ground and waiting for the little ones to arrive. I do the session with a lad called Simon on Mondays and this week we put them through their paces with a hard C.V. session, I’m glad I wasn’t taking part!