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Jack Cudworth - Preston North End Fc

Day 4 – Ball Work – Get In There!

In: Pre-Season |
05/07/07 |

I was greeted by the best news I had ever heard on Thursday, I was going to be going out with the goalkeepers in the afternoon. This was my first chance to touch a football since the start of pre-season! This lifted my sprits about a million percent. I was quickly brought back down to earth by the fact that we were doing more running in the morning! Paul Simpson (Manager) introduced himself to us and welcomed us to the club. He told us not to waste any of our time as apprentices because it goes like a flash. I was definitely getting better at the running, I wasn’t last for the first time in the long distance runs so I was pleased. The afternoon was great, out with Dave for the first time. Training with all the pros was a nervy experience but they’re all great lads and I soon felt at ease. Andy Lonergan quickly nick-named me Jack Sparrow because of my long hair. After training I had to clean my pros boots for the first time and clean all the balls, so much fun! Back at the digs, Dom was starting to get too good at Pro Evo for my liking. A few defeats later, I realised more practice was needed.