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Day 38 – Fierce Competition

17/08/07 |

Friday morning is generally a light session (in terms of how long we actually train for) in preparation for the game the following day. This applies to the first and youth team at the club but not the reserves who generally play their fixtures on a weekday night and therefore tend to train as hard on Fridays/Saturdays as most other days!

I was out with the pros for a bit just to do some handling. After about 20 minutes Thommo and myself went across to join the rest of the youth team to take part in some 6-a-sides. I did really well in these considering it was my first bit of action in a good 3 weeks. It was fiercely competitive with nobody holding anything back despite the first game of the season being tomorrow. After this we went through all the set pieces and stuff before going back in to tidy up and complete all the glamorous jobs like cleaning our boots and getting the equipment ready for tomorrow’s game. Following that it was back to the digs to relax for the game tomorrow. We spent much of the time in the Barton’s room on pro evo, Dom coming out on top unfortunately (it’s about time he won one though). The rest of the evening was spent in front of the TV relaxing in preparation for tomorrow.