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Marc Grocott - Stoke City

Day 37 - No More Running!

17/08/07 |

After working hard all week, well up to now anyway, Ed decided to give me a more relaxed day and a rest from the running, which was replaced by the bike. But before the bike it was on to the treatment table to receive treatment and a massage on my hamstring as I woke up this morning with it feeling a bit tight.

Other than that I just completed an upper-body weights circuit and some more core stability work and then was told to get myself home after lunch to get some rest over the weekend ready for the week ahead of full training. Having completed a full weeks running I am feeling confident that my injury is fully recovered and am really looking forward to joining back in training to try and prove that I am ready to battle for my spot in the team again hopefully, with my target being to be just in the squad for the first match of the season next Saturday.