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Marc Grocott - Stoke City

Day 36 - Interval runs

16/08/07 |

Knowing that my injury was recovering and reacting well to the re-hab work that we had done already we decided that today we should start to concentrate on getting my fitness up so that I would be a little more prepared for when I joined in the training session next week. So interval runs were the order of the day. We completed 8 sets of 2 minutes of running at 95% intensity followed by a rest period of 1minute at walking pace.

At the end of this session I could see why I needed it! I was totally shattered and was looking forward to getting back to the ground and getting a bit of food inside of me! Thank god the running was done before dinner! After dinner I was kept behind to complete a boxing session followed by some core stability work which just about finished me off for the day. After completing all of this today, it has opened my eyes to how hard it is going to be joining back into full training!