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Marc Grocott - Stoke City

Day 35 - Scouse

15/08/07 |

Because all the other lads had been working hard and been training well, our coach Ady decided that they all deserved the day off, so it was just me and Pagey in doing some fitness work with us both just coming back from injury. Instead of Ed taking us for a re-hab session we were sent off up to the ‘Dome’ to have a morning with Scouse who is the first team fitness coach, and yes you’ve guessed it … a scouser!

Again the work that we were set to do was similar to the previous two days but Scouse introduced variations which involved competitions between me and Pagey which helped the session to be more enjoyable and less tedious and the same old. I feel like my injury is finally recovering and having been able to do this much work without it breaking down is helping to lift my spirits and I can finally set myself a target for when I hope to be back playing again.