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Day 35 - On fire against Bradford!

14/08/07 |

Tuesday morning and myself and Quirky were in early as usual while the other lads got a lie in because kick off was at 2pm. It was the usual weights and rehab for me in the morning. I then went out and did some running with Johnny before the game. My ankle felt good and there was no reaction afterwards. It was the same running that I had problems doing a few weeks ago so there was definitely an improvement.

After this I went out to watch the lads face Bradford. We won 4-0 in what was a very impressive performance. Matty Mainwarring getting a hat-trick and Danny Mayor also chipping in with a goal. Obviously sprits were high and all the lads were buzzing after this victory. A great way to end the pre-season for us.

However, sprits around the club were somewhat dampened by events unfolding later that evening night. The first team crashed out of the Carling Cup to Morecambe losing 2-1 in the shock of the round. Can’t say I’d have wanted to spend much time in the dressing room after that one!