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Marc Grocott - Stoke City

Day 34 - Can I have a ball please?

14/08/07 |

My legs are still feeling the effects from the running yesterday but having reported to Ed this morning he let me know that I wasn’t going to get any rest and that I was in for another session of pushing the injury to its limits. We spent most of the morning picking up from where we left off yesterday with more shorter and quicker feet work between cones and through ladders. If at any time my injury was going to break down again then it would be through this range of movements.

Having gone through the whole session again with no pain I was aching to get a ball back at my feet and just have a kick around to see how that would feel but Ed soon put an end to that thought by landing me with the bombshell that he didn’t want me to do any striking of the ball until next week and so that we were sure that the injury was fully recovered. Gutted!