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Day 31 - The Flume!

09/08/07 |

On Thursday we had a complete change, which was fantastic, Johnny took Quirky and me to the local Total Fitness gym in the afternoon. We had to wear these swimming caps to use the pool, which didn’t do a great deal for either of our appearances. I don’t see either of us becoming the next Adrian Moorhouse!

After warming up with a couple of lengths we went into what is called the flume. Its like a mini pool with ledges, which you can stand on, and Johnny sets a resistance that you run against. We spent 10 minutes in there doing good hard work. It was brilliant, really different and enjoyable and I felt I got a lot out of it. After that we went into the freezing cold plunge pool and then it was back to the digs.

Back in the digs, Dom and me contested what had to be the greatest game of Pro Evo ever. It had everything, 25 yards thunder bolts, red cards, penalties, disallowed goals and an injury time equaliser from Dom right out the top drawer. There was a 25-yard free kick from Juniniho to make it 5-5. Then Dom went on to win 8-7 in extra time. What a game!