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Day 29 - Yummy!

07/08/07 |

Tuesday morning was quite hard. Kempy set me an hour-long CV session. To those not familiar with football that stands for Cardiovascular training – so in essence your heart (and not a Curriculum Vitae although after I’d finished I think I’d much rather have spent the morning constructing a CV). The session killed me and had me sweating like the human torch! I did 20 hard minutes on the cross trainer, 20-mins on the rower followed by 20-mins on the climber, needless to say I was in bits after that! All the exercises were done to put minimal strain on the ankle although it still didn’t feel great.

In the afternoon I went for my x-ray. I was in and out within 20 minutes along with the x-rays for the medical team to analyse in the morning. What a result – I can already see the benefits of being at a professional football club when going to the hospital!

Tuesday night I went out with family for a meal for my sister’s birthday and had a big steak. It certainly wasn’t a sportsman’s textbook meal but never the less it was extremely enjoyable! YUMMY!