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Jack Cudworth - Preston North End Fc

Day 26 - A Big Whaaay!

04/08/07 |

Saturday and everyone was in for a morning weights session with Jeff followed by a hard outdoor circuit. I stayed in yet again and did more rehab. It was more of a laid back approach as it was Saturday. It was mostly treatment and getting stuff ready for the first team’s final friendly against Blackburn before the season started. We all had to report to the ground at 1.30pm.

During the warm up, I have to go on the pitch and receive ball from Loners as he kicks them to me, then kick them back to him. On about the third ball I slipped right on my arse in front of all the Blackburn fans and got a big whaaay! Just what you need! Brad Friedal was stood looking on at this point and as you can imagine he had a little chuckle at my expense, it was very embarrassing to say the least. Thankfully the stadium wasn’t that full at that point otherwise my feeling of embarrassment would have been further amplified!

The game didn’t go to well. It ended 3-0 to Blackburn with all the goals coming from set pieces. I can’t imagine the gaffer will be happy about that! However there was no shame in losing to very good Blackburn side who I’m sure will do very well in the Premiership this season.