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Jack Cudworth - Preston North End Fc

Day 24 - Match Day

02/08/07 |

Thursday was match day, while everyone was buzzing at the chance to get some more match minutes under their belts, I was confined to more misery. I went out with Johnny again in the morning to do a bit more running. We started off at 50% then went to 60 % and I was fine until we went up to 70%. Then at 70% I really started to feel my ankle. It hurt quite a bit. I tried to run again but it continued to be quite painful. I was really gutted about it. It didn’t feel right at all. I went inside and iced up, the head physio Steve Kemp assured me that it wasn’t bad and I would be ok within a couple of days, but it didn’t feel like it at the time. But if there was one man I would trust it would be Kempy, he is one of my favourite people at the club, such a nice bloke and has really done a lot for me with my ankle. He even took me down to Birmingham last year when I was just an under 16 with Neil Mellor and Callum Davidson to see a specialist about my ankle.

It was a huge contrast to the old medical staff who really didn’t take much of an interest. Rammers said to me at the beginning of last season we will look after you with your ankle. That reassured me and meant a lot coz I had never been told that before. Anyway back to now. After icing I went outside to watch the match. It was quite an entertaining game actually. We ran out eventual 3-1 winners with 2 goals from Danny Mayor and one from Matty Mainwearing. In the only other notable event in the match, the second year keeper Chris Thompson nearly had his teeth knocked out by a horrible challenge from the St Mirren striker, if I would have been on the bench I would of most certainly come on, but he battled on bravely despite part of his mouth hanging off! Sprits were high in the digs after a good victory, however I new more work in the gym was imminent.