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Jack Cudworth - Preston North End Fc

Day 21 - Disaster

30/07/07 |

I came in still gutted about what happened on the Friday, I really felt like I had let myself down with 2 rushes of blood to the head. I was given an immediate chance to get my confidence back up with goalkeeping training in the morning. All the pros were back from America now so it was more or less business as usual. I went out to train and was well back in the swing of things when disaster struck. At the end of an exercise I felt a sharp pain in my ankle. It was in the same place I broke my ankle a couple of years ago, so the medical team were worried about it. I stayed in the gym in the afternoon and did some strengthening exercises. My ankle was sore but not to bad, so I wasn’t exactly overly worried but it’s never great to have something in the back of your mind like this.