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Jack Cudworth - Preston North End Fc

Day 20 - One More And You're Off!

27/07/07 |

Woke up morning of the game pretty nervous. We’d had a great tour and we all wanted to finish it off with a win. Unfortunately things were not going according to plan. In about the 10th minute I came rushing out of the goal to try and reach a through ball. Needless to say a Motherwell player got there first and I caught him, free kick awarded. The ref told me if it happened again I was off. So obviously I was now going to be ultra cautious and sensible in my decision-making well until about 10 minutes later! An almost identical situation occurred and I felt I had to come out again, so I rushed out half with it in my mind not to catch the player but importantly I just had to get to the ball first. Guess what I caught the player once again. I honestly thought I got a bit of the ball this time but the ref thought otherwise. He booked me but if it had been a proper match I would have been off for sure. For this reason, Jamie brought me off. He said he did it because I would have been sent off in a proper match. I was obviously devastated at this, but I understood his reasoning fully. We went on too lose the match 4-2 and it wasn’t the end to the tour we were looking for.