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Jack Cudworth - Preston North End Fc

Day 18 - Cheerleaders!

25/07/07 |

On Wednesday we went to the local leisure centre in the morning for a session in the pool with our physio Jonny Guy. We did a couple of jogs in the pool, which felt a bit weird and also had some races. I came third out of the whole team in the swimming race. After a bit of a mess about in the pool it was back to the hotel for some dinner. We went out for training in the afternoon at about 2ish. We played a number of seven a side games followed by some running at the end, which was very tough. After the session we all went back to the hotel and we met an American girls team who were staying at the hotel. We all went to watch them play that night where we were training and they were surprisingly good. We didn’t just head across there to watch them in their shorts. Honest!