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Gary Challinor - Lees-McRae College, North Carolina

Day 15 - Maradona Handball!

17/08/07 |

We had a morning session at 9am practicing free kicks and corners again. We were also given a few sprints and then played yellow bib. The older players play the younger players and the person who has a minging game on the losing team gets voted for yellow bib and has to wear it in the next session. The old lads won and our left back got the vote for worst session. Again we had a pre-match at 4pm and kick-off against Tusculum college was at 7.30pm.

I started the game on the left wing and we drew the match 1-1, they scored a Maradona handball goal in the last minute to get a draw. It was a good game though but the referees are awful. We had 3 players sent off for tackles that would only get a yellow card in England, every slide tackle gets pulled up and you can’t swear on the pitch at all. I played well though playing all over the midfield in my first game. Good run out for the team.