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Marc Grocott - Stoke City

Day 1 – What Joy To Be Back

02/07/07 |

First day back, I started the day excited about catching up with the lads but my mood soon changed when I heard that running was on the agenda. It was hardly surprising! Having broken up some six weeks ago at the end of the last season, this period known as Pre-Season is a essential for building up stamina and fitness levels in preparation for the forthcoming season. Despite the moans and groans of players round the country, pre-season training remains an important part of a footballers training regime.

We started off the day with an old favourite, the bleep test, and finished with a gruelling running session over Trentham Hills with the latter being the squad punishment for less than impressive fitness levels shown in the bleep test!

During the day each Apprentice was also assigned various jobs. As an Apprentice Footballer there is a time honoured tradition of undertaking general housekeeping duties that are designed to instil discipline and ensure that equipment is properly looked after. I, along with others, have been given the glamorous task of cleaning the mini bus on a daily basis.