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Coaching For The Youth Team

01/10/12 |

Tonight I’ll be talking my third session as one of the youth team coaching staff and hopefully I can pass some of the things I’ve learnt from my previous coaches onto the younger boys.

Lloyd, Joakim and me have been taking training for the last three weeks, and I’ve really enjoyed it as it’s a chance to see the younger boys develop as footballers and coaching is always been something I’ve been interested in from my youth team days.

Fredy has also offered to take us to play golf again next week which I’m looking forward to. If it’s a nice day it’s a good way to relax and it’s something different to do. We were all meant to go last week but Callum and Lloyd weren’t feeling very well and Ryan had injured his leg in training the night before so it was just me.

I was a little bit rusty because I hadn’t played in so long, but while we were there he showed me around the golf club and the club house. It’s a really nice course but unfortunately you have to be a member to play the course – the driving range is open to anybody.

Our title challenge took a knock last week, when we lost 2-0 away to Kungsgardens in which was one of our worst performances all season. Too many people weren’t at their best and in the end it cost us second place and three points.

This week we’re playing Huge at home in which will be a really tough game, but it’s important we win to put ourselves back in the mix for promotion.