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Marc Grocott - Stoke City

Christmas Crackers!

21/12/07 |

Last day in with the lads before breaking up for Christmas. We went down to the training ground and were split into two teams, one was made up of the local lads from Stoke, with Coaches Ady and Ronnie and the other team was made up of everyone else. We then had a match which was very competitive and the local lads came out on top winning 8-6.

After this we went up to dinner where the first team were doing some analysis on West Brom in preparation for their match tomorrow. It was then that the Gaffer dropped a bombshell on us saying that all the Youth team players had to get up in front of the whole first team and either sing a Christmas carol or tell a couple of jokes. I wasn’t looking forward to this but me and Jim were first up to get ours out of the way, we told a couple of poor jokes and were consequently booed and jeered off! Humiliation was on the faces of everyone but we had the last laugh when defenders Andy and Wotto did an impersonation of the Gaffer and Director of Football John Rudge. It was so funny and had everyone including the Gaffer and Rudgey in stitches and was all taken in good heart. After our eventful dinner we got our jobs done and said our goodbyes it was time to get home ready to enjoy Christmas!!