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Bury Game Called Off

07/12/07 |

Friday and not surprisingly, due to the amount of rain we’ve had, the match against Bury was called off. So we went off to Tulketh High yet again for some more 5-a-sides. Once again these were fiercely competitive; I was doing OK until one match where I had an absolute nightmare. A bit of bad luck led to one of the goals I conceded when the ball bounced off the sideboards horribly as it was coming straight to me. Then 2 poor clearances lead to another 2 goals. I certainly wasn’t the most popular player after that! There were two more games after this and I did alright in them, felt a bit shaky though. Managed to get through them without making any mistakes thankfully! Friday afternoon we were in College. A bit gutted about that as we were supposed to miss it due to the Bury game and we had to go in as it was called off!