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Jack Cudworth - Preston North End Fc

Arms Like Cabbage

17/10/07 |

Wednesday was a different day. Most of the YT’s were involved with the reserves so there was only me and about 5 or 6 YT’s training. We did a killer weights session in the morning with Geoff. My arms were like cabbage by the end of it, wobbling all over as I tried to lift the bar! We had to do 10 press ups after lifting the weight and my arms just gave way after about the 7th one! We went to join the under 16s for an attackers versus defenders session taken by Darren Finch who oversees the Centre of Excellence. It was a good session and I made a number of good saves. We were back out with the under 16s in the afternoon for more attacking work. Lots of shots for me to deal with in the session taken by Nick. After this it was jobs then back to the digs before I went on a driving lesson. I’m getting quite good at driving now, hopefully I will have passed before end of the year! The reserves beat Accrington 6-1 with 2 goals from Simon Whaley, one for Brett Ormerod and a hat trick for Neil Mellor.