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Jack Cudworth - Preston North End Fc

Anyone Fancy a Match?

08/10/07 |

Today came around quickly after Saturdays horrible defeat and it’s obvious to see that some of the lads are still dejected after the defeat at the weekend. After our weights we did something a little different and went on a jog up to Preston sports arena. On the way we didn’t really go at much of a pace. We passed the Morecambe first team on our travels who were training on one of the desso pitches. Jamie jokingly offered Sammy Mac a match against us!

Once we reached some of the playing fields we stopped and had a chat about the game at the weekend. A few of the lads gave their thoughts on the performance and what was good and what we could improve on. After a good half hour of talking we made our way back to the training ground at more of a pace. That’s all we did Monday. We were greeted by the great news that we had finally got the internet back at the digs. This meant I could get Xbox live. After a bash on the computer it was time for coaching. The nights are getting a lot colder now though!