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Ankle Injury

26/09/08 |

Had training at the Dragon School again at the beginning of the week doing passing drills and some stretching. Evening training consisted of technique work and then we went into a small game but unfortunately I rolled my ankle quite badly so the Physio wrapped it for compression and luckily there was no significant swelling.

I was told to rest all day, and to go and see our Physio at the hospital for him to look at my ankle and see how it was. He told me to rest again until Thursday but gave me some balance work to do that night. I did the prescribed balance work and some weights that evening.

On Wednesday I had the day off. Again I rested the ankle to give it a better chance to recover. Rested all day on Thursday until training and then did some jogging and stretching, my ankle felt really good so I was going to train on Friday!

My ankle was strapped up and ready for training and it felt fine all session so the good news was I was ready to play on Sunday! In the morning I went to Gammlia to do some training with Jesper and Vladimir – just a light jog and some penalties.


Started the game really well and had a 1 – 0 lead at half time thanks to my goal. We were very poor in the second half but we did enough to win the game 2 – 1 in the end. I set the second goal up in the 89th minute. They scored a late goal on 91 minutes from the penalty spot.