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A Win At Last!

03/09/08 |

We went to the Dragon School to train with their team at the beginning of the week. They concentrate mainly on technique work so it was great for me as it gave me more time with the ball each day.

Tuesday was the day before the local derby. We had training at the Dragon School again in the morning. In the evenings we had our usual training sessions playing full games as well as crossing and finishing techniques.

Local derby day: Umea v Ersboda

We lost the game 3 – 1. Overall it was a very poor game; I came on in the 65th minute. There were just over 2000 people at this game so it was not a good game to loose…

We went to the gym at the Dragon School and did some weights on Thursday. In the evening we had training and we talked about the game, played some head tennis and finished with some light jogging.

After training on the Friday I went to Jesper’s with the boys to play some Pro Evo, which of course I won…!

On Saturday I went to Gammlia (our stadium) to play some head tennis with some of the young lads in the team and then I went to watch some of my mates play for their local team. I had a relaxing evening and an early night before the game!

Match Day!!!

I make my first start! We had a bad opening to the game going 1 – 0 down in the 2nd minute, and then our winger missed a penalty just before half time! However, we ended up winning the game 2 – 1 with me scoring the winner!! It was a much needed win for the team and good for me to get another goal!