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Jack Cudworth - Preston North End Fc

A Well Deserved Point

22/09/07 |

Match day came around again very quickly. I was up at half 6 to ensure I would be at the ground on time. The journey down to Shrewsbury seemed to take forever. Once we got into Shrewsbury, we couldn’t actually find the place we were playing! After 2 and a half hours we arrived at our venue and were straight into the changing rooms. Typical away changing rooms: extremely cramped and hardly any space for us to get changed. I ended up changing in the shower area.

I was once again on the bench, under-16 Sam Hart came in at left back as all 3 of our left backs were out. The pitch was incredibly narrow so it was difficult to play our normal passing game, getting the ball out wide and getting crosses into the box. Shrewsbury thought they’d won it when they took the lead after 80 minutes; they managed to scramble the ball home after a cross had evaded our defenders. But minutes later, Tom McMahon lobbed the keeper from about 30 yards to snatch a draw, which was the very least we deserved. In the end it was a very good point away from home, in tough conditions. The pros also picked up a very good away point at Cardiff, Callum Davidson with two screamers in a 2-2 draw.