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A Game Of Two Halves

15/09/09 |

There hasn’t been much going on with me in the last few days in terms of football, this is due to a groin injury I picked up after Tuesday’s game against Middlesbrough.

It was a game organised for a mix of first years and u16 players. The game itself was fair and ended 0 -0.

We dominated the first half but couldn’t convert our chances. The tables turned in the second half as Middlesbrough came out of the blocks firing on all cylinders but like us earlier they too couldn’t take their chances.

It’s hard to explain the adage ‘ A game of two halves’ but this certainly was one if there ever was. Even more difficult to explain is how, after being on top for so long in the first half, we let Boro gain control after the break. I have to say when you are playing you can’t really put your finger on it however our coaches attributed our poor display in the second half down to a lack of match fitness.

We returned to training on Thursday, as we had college work all day Wednesday at the Academy. The education day had a dual benefit apart from us getting started on the academic work that complements our football – it meant we got a day of rest to recover from the game!

On the Thursday, I had to report to the Physio and was unable to train, so I went in the gym and did some upper body weight. I was frustrated to pick up an injury as it meant I was unable to travel with the squad down to Blackburn for the weekend game in the Academy League. The lads lost 2 -1, but apparently according to most reports it was a game they should have won the game. I know that many of the lads that played felt that the result was quite unjust.

Just like we had been on Tuesday, they were let down by poor finishing. So I kind of have an idea on what training will be based over the next week!