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HE Guide 2020

Those wishing to attend University in the Autumn should have already made their applications to UCAS in line with the 15 January deadline. However, if you have not applied yet all is not lost.

The final deadline for UCAS applications is 30 June. Universities and Colleges are no longer obliged to consider your application as it has missed the January deadline but may still do.

For any player who has not but intends to apply for HE, you are strongly advised to make any application as soon as possible – information on this process can be found in LFE’s HE Guide which is available to download below.

All applications for places on University courses are subject to entry requirements of individual Universities. The number of UCAS required points may differ from course to course and University to University and this information is available via prospectuses.

However as a guide for those wishing to obtain a University place it is strongly recommended that you achieve a minimum of 240 UCAS points (Double Distinction).

Applications received by UCAS after 30 June will not be sent to the Universities and Colleges and will go directly into Clearing. If you have already submitted your application more information on replying to offers and the next steps can be found in LFE’s guide or via UCAS.

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For those who are undecided about whether University is the correct route for them to take, check out our ‘Life at University’ video, which consists of four former apprentices discussing their new career paths.