The Aprentice Journey

Technical Certificate - College Course

There is some flexibility with regard to the technical certificates that will help form the Apprenticeship framework. This should have been discussed with the Apprentice at the Initial and Final Assessments with the LFE Regional Officer and will be subject to anticipated/confirmed GCSE results.

The current technical certificate pathways are as follows:

BTEC Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma in Sport, BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Sport and BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Sport
The Subsidiary Diploma in Sport has 6 units, the Diploma in Sport has 13 units and the Extended Diploma in Sport has 19 units. There are a set number of core units but most subjects have a choice of what option units to take.

The Subsidiary Diploma in Sport qualification should be completed over one year, while the Diploma in Sport and the Extended Diploma in Sport should be completed over two years.

The BTEC qualification should provide the Apprentice with underpinning knowledge towards the work completed on the Level 3 NVQ Achieving Excellence in Sports Performance and give a further insight into the requirements of being an elite athlete within the football industry.

AS-Levels leading to A2-Level Qualifications
The A-Level qualification has traditionally been the next level up from GCSE’s. The A-Level qualification consists of two parts, the AS and the A2. If the Apprentice wishes to undertake AS/A2 qualifications as their technical certificate they will need to have achieved either A or A* in the relevant subjects along with a solid profile in other subjects.

Both the BTEC and AS routes provide nationally recognised qualifications that will assist with employment prospects and higher education applications.