Life Skills for Apprentices

My Future Today

My Future Today

Personal Development

Delivered by LFE


Twitter: @LFEonline #MFT

My Future Today highlights the importance of personal development and how it can enhance apprentices success both in and out of professional football. Apprentices will discover more about who they are and what they can achieve, recognise the value of transferable skills they already have as well as understand what opportunities they can take advantage of to secure their future, today.

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Trained Brain

Trained Brain

Sports Performance - Thinking Differently

Delivered by Jamie Edwards


Twitter: @JamieEdwards

Jamie helps players deal with the mental aspects of elite performance. Those who have benefitted from his tried and tested methods include World Cup rugby winner Lewis Moody MBE, Ashes hero Andrew ‘Freddie’ Flintoff and Ryder Cup star Lee Westwood.

Encouraging players to think differently – Jamie’s engaging and inspirational sessions have been utilised by over 40 Football League clubs as well as individual footballers.

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If U Care Share

Emotional Well-Being Sessions

Delivered by Dean Smith



Established in 2009, the charity run by Dean & Shirley Smith along with its dedicated team which now includes their eldest son, Matthew, draws upon their own personal experiences to encourage youngsters to ‘open up’ and ‘share’ concerns.

If U Care Share has worked with LFE since the 2010–11 season, to provide powerful emotional well-being sessions for young players – their message is simple but effective; ‘There Is Always A Way.’

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Kick it Out

Equality & Diversity Workshops

Delivered by Troy Townsend


Twitter: @kickitout

Originally an anti-racism campaign, Kick It Out has evolved to tackle wider equality and inclusion issues in the game as a whole. Working throughout the football, educational and community sectors to challenge discrimination, encourage inclusive practices and campaign for positive change, the organisation is funded by all the major bodies in football. Kick It Out works with LFE to deliver equality and diversity training to apprentices at Football League clubs.

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Colin Avery

Colin Avery

Sexual Health Awareness (Playing Safely)

Delivered by Colin Avery

Colin delivers interactive sexual health awareness sessions to academies of professional sports clubs. Working with LFE, the academy programme covers; Respectful relationships, safer sex, testicular cancer, sexually transmitted infections and offers Chlamydia screening.

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Cathy Wood

Cathy Wood

Social Media Seminars

Delivered by Cathy Wood


Twitter: @WoodCathy

Using her background as both a former Great Britain triathlete and journalist, Cathy invites young players to consider whether their social media output is a risk or role model to themselves, their club and future.

The sessions importantly also cover how to use social media in a responsible, powerful and positive manner.

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Sporting Chance Clinic

The Sporting Chance Clinic

Lifestyle & Education Seminars

Delivered by The Sporting Chance Clinic


Founded by former England captain Tony Adams the Sporting Chance Clinic is one of the most innovative centres for the treatment of behavioural problems including the effects of alcohol, drugs and gambling. The lifestyle education seminar is designed to give young players the information and tools they need to avoid the pitfalls and destructive behaviour patterns which can develop in the pressure-cooker world of professional football.

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