Ofsted Surveys

Ofsted have developed a set of online questionnaires to support their Common Inspection Framework. There is a different questionnaire for each group listed below which can be completed at any time.

  • Learners
  • Parents and carers
  • Employers

The timing of these questionnaires is not related to an inspection, however inspectors will use the results during inspection to identify issues to look at in more detail.

The questionnaires will allow learners, parents/carers and employers to give Ofsted their views about LFE. Please take a moment to fill in the appropriate questionnaire to help Ofsted understand how well LFE supports its learners and employers to ensure the best possible outcomes.

Learner Questionnaire →

Parents & Carers Questionnaire →

Employer Questionnaire →

Ofsted have produced videos to highlight and promote the Employers and Learners questionnaires. The videos can be viewed on the links below:

If you have any queries or require assistance please call Ofsted on 0300 123 1231 or email at fes@ofsted.gov.uk