Equality of Opportunity

LFE fully supports Equality of Opportunity. We aim to ensure that staff at all levels, work in an environment free from any discrimination on the grounds of race or ethnic origin, gender, religion or belief, disability, sexual orientation or age.

We are committed to equality and diversity and aim to ensure that every apprentice footballer develops to their full potential in an environment that is free from any form of discrimination.

LFE is dedicated to:

  • Positive action to promote equality of opportunity and diversity in employment and training.
  • Regular monitoring of results of this commitment.

Message from the Chief Executive:

“LFE is fully committed to a policy of equality and diversity. Our aim is to ensure that everyone, at all levels and in all areas is allowed to work and/or be trained in an environment free from any form of discrimination, and is encouraged to develop to their full potential. I want to leave no one in any doubt about the importance which I personally attach to this policy and I look to all staff and apprentices at all levels to ensure that it is put into effect.”

LFE works in partnership with Kick It Out, The English Football League, The Football Association and The PFA to support equality issues and is represented on the Kick It Out Professional Game Guidance Group.

We actively promote equality at all clubs and to all apprentices throughout the ‘Apprentice Journey’ starting at Induction and continuing through progress reviews, assessment sessions, progression activities and via a range of digital and print media.

LFE partner with Kick It Out to ensure that Equality training is provided to apprentice players. These work-shops, on challenging topics including discrimination, banter, language, racism and homophobia. They are designed to encourage a culture of respect in clubs and between players, while simultaneously fostering a commitment to equality and positive behaviour.

The impact of this work is powerful and apprentice awareness of equality issues has improved as a result of this partnership. Young players also benefit from inclusive coaching and teaching styles while they are on the apprenticeship. This is reinforced by consistently outstanding success rates across all ethnic groups represented on the programme.

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