Education Support Fund

Education Support Fund

The Education Support Fund is made available to enhance and support the education of Apprentices at Clubs through delivery of the Apprenticeship in Sporting Excellence.

Clubs will be expected to utilise the Education Support Fund to meet the Quality Checklist provided by LFE if the education provision is delivered “in house”.

Clubs should also consider using the fund to ensure that Apprentices have enough computers to carry out the requirements of the ASE programme particularly as LFE is moving the NVQ and other key processes on-line.

It is important that Clubs submit details of items they wish to acquire either in writing to our Preston office or by email to before any goods are purchased.

If everything is in order we will then give approval to purchase and after submission of the original invoices and claim form, a cheque will be posted to you.

Laptops in use

The Fund will operate as follows:

Please note that failure to comply with these guidance notes may see your claim rejected and / or paperwork being returned to you.

  • Applications are required by email or in writing providing a full breakdown of items and costs before items are purchased by 28th February
  • The claim form and supporting documentation must be submitted by 31st May – if your paperwork or claim arrives after this date it will be rejected
  • A maximum of 2 claims against your fund value can be made during the year – this is to keep paperwork to a minimum
  • Reimbursement will only be made against original invoices. Please note that VAT will not be paid by LFE. Pro-forma invoices, purchase orders, acknowledgements or delivery notes will not be accepted
  • No element can be taken in cash or carried forward to the next year
  • LFE will conduct random audits on grant aid items, failure to produce items at audit will see LFE recover the original cost from Clubs

Example Purchases

  • Video analysis software
  • Video camera and equipment
  • Heart rate monitors
  • Smart board
  • iPads and Laptops
  • Laptop charging trolley / storage case
  • Portable projector
  • Education support for apprentices
  • Delivery of Life Skills to support EPPP
  • Delivery of enrichment activities to support education
  • Activities providing evidence for the NVQ or BTEC