Customer Service Standards

LFE is highly committed to continuous improvement for the benefit of Apprentices, Football Clubs, Education Providers, the ESFA, LFE staff and the LFE Board.

LFE consider it crucial to have a standardised, consistent and systematic approach to handling enquiries across the organisation.

Summary of LFE’s Customer Service Standards: –

Phone Calls

  • Maximum 6 rings before answering calls
  • Maximum response time to initial phone enquiries is 2 working days (or within 2 working days of the required member of staff’s return to work)
  • Mobile phone messages returned within 1 working day (or within 1 working day of return to work)


  • Acknowledgement within a maximum of 2 working days (unless later deadline is specified by the customer)
  • ‘Out-of-Office’ email responses (weekend or after business hours) are followed-up within 2 working days of return to work

Written Correspondence

  • Response to enquiry made within 2 working days

LFE aim to ensure that all enquiries are dealt with in a friendly, helpful, timely and professional manner